View from the Cage

I am Bastya, a handsome, adorable, smart syrian hamster. I live in a cage in a house with Tall Things, who remember to feed me, but never let me tear apart anything fun. I have a brother named Vincent. He's a Russian Dwarf.

06 September 2006

Lord of the Broccoli

Power can be held in the smallest of things...

Fate Has Chosen Him. A Ball Will Protect Him. Giants Will Hunt and Pet Him.

It is in hamsters that we must place our hope.

One broccoli to rule them all...

15 August 2006

Tag! You're It!

We got tagged by Puff and Mrs. Sniffles!

Here are the rules... The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself." In the end you need to choose 5 creatures (humans too!) to be tagged and list their names. The creatures who get tagged need to write a blog about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

So, cause I'm the oldest, I'm going first.

1. Tall Thing stares at me way too much. Sometimes I stare back.
2. I'm the favourite.
3. I know you're not food. If I'm gnawing on you, it's a warning. Stop it.
4. I do a killer imitation of Bela Lugosi. No pun intended.
5. I might have secret psychic powers. I wish the aquatic pets away, and they go away.

My turn!

1. I like to attack my water bottle. Sometimes it looks at me funny.
2. I'm the favourite.
3. I bite. A lot. But I'm just curious, honest.
4. Sometimes I put bedding in my wheel so I can rest there too. I love my wheel.
5. I'm not lazy. I just take after Kissie Noise Big Thing.

We tag: Pratt, DKM, Squeakers and Princess, Bikipatra and Rehkmira.

02 August 2006

Brand New Compy!

Oof. It's been hard to post regularly. The silly flat computer is having problems, and then the other computer was having problems, but Other Tall Thing ordered a Brand New Compy! and now we are back for reals!


17 July 2006


She finally got her degree! It's finally over! Finally we can use the computer again!!!

We've missed everyone! But we're back!

01 May 2006

Growing things

We are getting a chance to post (FINALLY!) while Tall Thing takes a break from her work to plant things. We're not sure what she's planting, but she said something about a pansy (I think that's an insult) and Basil (I think that's a name). Also something about something red and juicy, which sounds sorta good, I guess. I wonder if we will get anything out of this? We also heard lots of bad words coming from the other room and I gather she spilt dirt on the floor. -B

I like dirt! -v

Of course you do. -B

29 March 2006

Crazy Big Things

Kissy noise big thing says that I am being lazy because I do not run on my wheel as much. Doesn't she know I run on it when she sleeps? Silly Kissy noise big thing. She also says I am weird because I built my nest underneath my water bottle and I don't sleep in the bed she bought for me anymore. But that way, when I wake up, I can just reach up and get a drink! She likes to squeeze the bottle so that it drips on me and wakes me up. Rude! But I show her. I don't get mad. I just drink some water! She also says that I made a mess in and under my wheel because I put some nesting stuff up there. It didn't turn as well, but I was making it nice to sit in! She says that's no excuse not to exercise. Quieter big thing said, "The laziness has passed from owner to pet!" Then there was some yelling. Bastya laughed.

21 March 2006

Virginia Voyage

Tall Thing went to visit her "old college roomies," whatever that means. She was gone for FIVE WHOLE DAYS and it wasn't even for a "residency." And she took the flat computer with her! Why do you need the flat computer when you aren't going to a residency, Tall Thing? Why? I missed Tall Thing too. And Other Tall Thing did an admirable job serving us our food, changing our water, scooping our litter and giving us ball time. But she can't just ignore us for a manuscript, and then on her break from it, take off! And she was playing with a puppy while she was there! A really cute one that looks like this:

What's this world coming to?